Jesters Lounge

Once a hub for Masonic camaraderie, the historical space of The Royal Order of Jesters Club has been lovingly transformed by TempleLive into the Jester’s Lounge, a warm, intimate performance venue shining the spotlight on Cleveland’s local talent.

Honoring its unique heritage, the transformation delicately retains elements of the Freemason’s architectural aesthetics while injecting modern touches for a refreshing ambiance. Where once laughter and brotherhood echoed within the walls, now resonates the soulful sounds of Cleveland’s talented artists.

Adorned with low-lighting and accented by the building’s original stonework, Jester’s Lounge exudes an inviting charm. The cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for audiences to connect deeply with the music and performers.

Jester’s Lounge is not just a venue; it’s a testament to the city’s cultural evolution. It champions local artists, offering them a platform to showcase their talents and continue the legacy of this historic Cleveland landmark. From the carefully preserved architecture to the stunning live performances, every visit to Jester’s Lounge is a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

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