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A comedy metal group born in Arizona and based out of Chicago, Psychostick’s amalgam of satire and sonic might falls somewhere between Weird Al Yankovic and Pantera . The self-described “humorcore” aficionados emerged in 2003 with We Couldn’t Think of a Title, unleashing a lethal blend of wit, funk, groove, and nu-metal that invoked names like Green Jelly , Mr. Bungle , and Tenacious D . Accompanied by a slew of viral videos, the band’s D.I.Y. aesthetic and off-the-wall, prop-heavy live shows made them a cult hit, and subsequent outings like Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D (2011) and Do (2018) saw them reaching even larger audiences with their independent nature and skewed sense of humor intact.

Venue Information:
Masonic Cleveland - Temple Live
3615 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, Oh 44115