Asking Alexandria and The Hu

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

$50-$55 | Plus fees and taxes

Not On Sale

Please Note: Balcony and Mezzanine accessible by stairs only.

Asking Alexandria

Formed in 2006, Asking Alexandria is a renowned British rock band known for its unique blend of heavy metal, post-hardcore, and electronic elements. The band’s lineup includes Danny Worsnop (vocals), Ben Bruce (lead guitar), Cameron Liddell (rhythm guitar), Sam Bettley (bass), and James Cassells (drums).

Debuting with their album “Stand Up and Scream” in 2009, Asking Alexandria quickly rose to fame with their mix of screamo and dance floor-ready beats. Their sound evolved over time, incorporating more melodic elements, as showcased in their subsequent albums.

In 2013, their album “From Death to Destiny” reached the top 5 of the Billboard 200, marking a significant milestone in their career. Despite experiencing multiple lineup changes throughout their career, Asking Alexandria has maintained a strong presence in the rock and metal scenes, attracting a wide fanbase with their dynamic performances and evocative lyrics.

Their energetic live shows and engaging stage presence have made them a must-see act on the global rock circuit. Over the years, Asking Alexandria has not only sustained their initial impact but also proven their versatility and talent in the realm of contemporary rock music.

The Hu

Formed in 2016, The Hu is an innovative rock band hailing from Mongolia that has captured global attention with their unique fusion of traditional Mongolian throat singing, known as “Khoomei”, and modern rock music. The band members – Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar (aka Gala), Enkhasaikhan Batjargal (aka Enkush), Temuulen Naranbaatar (aka Temka), and Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts (aka Jaya) – all contribute vocals, while playing traditional Mongolian instruments.

Their debut album “The Gereg” released in 2019, garnered critical acclaim and commercial success with its powerful blend of ancient Mongolian musical traditions and contemporary rock sensibilities. The band’s name, “The Hu”, is the Mongolian root word for human, symbolizing their music’s universal appeal.

Songs such as “Wolf Totem” and “Yuve Yuve Yu” have earned millions of views online, drawing attention to their unique sound and visual aesthetic. The Hu’s music transcends language barriers and resonates with audiences worldwide, earning them a fervent international following.

Performing in full traditional Mongolian garb, their live performances are as visually stunning as they are sonically. They create an immersive experience that invites the audience into a different time and space, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia while pushing the boundaries of rock music.

Through their innovative sound and compelling performances, The Hu continues to create a unique space for themselves in the global music scene, paving the way for a new genre of music.

Venue Information:
Masonic Cleveland - Temple Live
3615 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, Oh 44115