Behemoth is a Polish extreme metal band, formed in 1991, known for their profound influence on the black metal and death metal genres. Founded by Adam “Nergal” Darski who serves as the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Behemoth has consistently pushed the boundaries of extreme metal with their musically ambitious and thematically provocative work.

Initially, the band’s music was rooted in traditional black metal, but over time, they have incorporated elements of death metal and other genres, resulting in a unique and intense sound. Their lyrics often explore themes of the occult, mythology, and Thelemic philosophy, contributing to the band’s dark and captivating persona.

Behemoth gained international recognition with the release of their fifth album, “Satanica,” in 1999, which marked a stylistic shift towards a more technical and aggressive sound. Their subsequent albums, including “Demigod” (2004) and “The Satanist” (2014), have solidified their status as a leading force in the extreme metal scene.

Despite facing numerous controversies and challenges, including Nergal’s battle with leukemia, Behemoth has remained steadfast, delivering performances and albums that are both intensely powerful and artistically profound. The band’s enduring dedication to their craft and their ceaseless drive to challenge the norms of metal music have solidified their place as true icons of the genre